Adapter Guide

How to route audio through Vulse

To use Vulse with an instrument, you'll need a way to get your instrument's 1/4" output into your iPhone. For this, you'll need a short 1/4" cable (like this Monoprice cable), and an interface.

Our Recommended Interface

Digital audio means professional quality, low noise, and no feedback. Built-in 1/4" output makes it easy to send to an amp, not just headphones. Velcro strap is very convenient for putting it around your guitar's strap button. Overall, it's easily the best interface out of the ones we tested.
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Other Digital Adapters

We would avoid the iRig Pro and the Apogee JAM – they don't have any audio outputs, so they rely on the phone's headphone jack. And, of course, if you have an iPhone 7 or newer, you don't have a headphone jack, so to get these to work you would need a lightning splitter and the lightning to 3.5mm adapter that comes with the phone.

However, the Line 6 Sonic Port has all the inputs and outputs you need, so it's a fine alternative to the iRig HD 2 if you prefer it. Depending on price fluctuations, it may also be cheaper than the iRig. No velcro strap, though, which is a nice feature for Vulse, and unlike the iRig we haven't specifically tested this one, so we can't guarantee its quality.

Analog Options

Digital interfaces are a superior choice by far, but if you're just looking for an inexpensive way to dip your feet into this world of iPhone audio apps, try an analog interface first. You will likely experience some hissing and feedback – Vulse's built-in noise gate will help with this, but even the best algorithm in the world won't sound as clear as a noise-free digital signal.

Same great features as the iRig HD 2, minus the HD digital audio. A bit expensive for an analog adapter, but it's said to be the best quality analog adapter out there.
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Budget Analog Options

Inexpensive copy of the original iRig. No 1/4" output means you'll need a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter to plug into your amp.
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Saves a bit of money and hassle by not needing an extra cable. Still no 1/4" output though, so you'll need an adapter to plug it into your amp.
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Coming Soon:

JamStack: An all-in-one option that is a phone mount, a cable, and an amp for output!

That about covers it for our recommendations! Let us know if any of this guide is inaccurate or incomplete.

Download Vulse For Free

You can even try it before you buy the peripherals – Just download the app and use one of the built-in audio recordings, or hook up a synthesis app via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus.